It is always such a pleasure to work with Briana. She is efficient and has completed all her work for me to my specifications and in a timely manner.

Amber L.

Founder, Metro Detroit Mommy

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Descriptive, accurate, and enticing MLS property descriptions to help you sell your home

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Search engine optimized articles with a strong call to action tailored to your goals

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Clear and engaging copy for your marketing email campaigns

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SEO-friendly web copy that effectively represents your brand and converts

Product Descriptions

Detailed and exciting product descriptions to boost sales 

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Whether it be an eBook, flyer, social post, brochure, or other material, we’ve got you covered


Briana Marie Riley Founder Tanzek Media

Founder, and Senior Copywriter, Briana Marie Riley was born in Metro Detroit, and later relocated to Honolulu, HI where she studied Communications and Journalism at Hawaii Pacific University. She eventually transferred to the University of Hawaii- Hilo where she graduated with her BA in Communications.

While pursuing her undergraduate degree in 2010, she decided to launch a fashion and entertainment blog with her older sister. This would mark the beginning of her love for digital marketing.

Through her experiences with blogging and content creation over the past decade, she has acquired extensive knowledge of content marketing and social media management. She enjoys sharing that knowledge with others and helping small to medium-sized businesses meet their quarterly goals through digital marketing.

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