Frequently Asked Questions

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the process of writing text for marketing purposes – not to be confused with “copyrighting” which is claiming ownership of a work.

Do I Need a Copywriter?

You need a copywriter if:

-Your current copy just isn’t getting the job done

– You don’t know how to optimize your content to show up in search engines.

-You don’t have the time to write your own effective copy. 

-Writing content just isn’t your thing


Can You Do Technical Writing?

Yes. We can write technical copy for a variety of industries. Copy can be written for marketing communications including blog posts and case studies. We are also available to write content for brochures, training manuals, and more. Contact us for more information. 

How Much Do You Charge to Write Copy?

Pricing depends on the service you selected. Please view the Services page to learn more. 

Why is SEO so Important?

SEO boosts your discoverability online. With all the noise on the world wide web, it can be difficult to reach your target audience. Optimized copy will increase your chances of ranking in search engines and getting in front of potential customers.

Can I Get a Quote for Copywriting Services?

Absolutely! Feel free to contact us with the following information for a free quote:

-What kind of copy do you need to be written? (Landing page, Blog post, Product Description, etc.)

-If you need web pages written or rewritten, which pages will they be? (Home, About, etc.)

-About how many words do you estimate will need to be written (If unsure, we can send over our recommendation)

-What is your deadline?

-Will your project require us to do any additional research or will you provide all the necessary information?

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Copy?

Well, this depends on a few things including the size of the project and its complexity. It also depends on the amount of time it takes you to send over any required information or resources for your project. Another factor is our workload at the time and the time frame in which you need your material completed.

Our goal is to have smaller projects completed within 72 hours. During our initial consultation, we will discuss turnaround time for your specific project, and a deadline will be agreed upon prior to beginning your first draft. While we do like to provide quick turnarounds for all projects, you can trust that we are not sacrificing quality to do so.

What If I Have To Cancel or Modify My Project?

Prior to beginning work, a signed contract outlining the details of the project will be required. All copywriting projects will receive unlimited revisions (within the original scope of work) at no additional charge. Significant changes will be billed accordingly, and an updated invoice will be sent out if necessary before work is continued.

 All payments are due in full prior to beginning the work. There will be no refunds for work already started or completed. However, if an emergency arises and we are unable to complete your project within the time frame stated in your contract, you will receive 100% of your money back! 

Is Tanzek Media hiring?

All job openings at Tanzek Media will be posted on our website and social accounts.