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With 1 billion users as of summer 2018, Instagram is proving to be quite a hotspot for businesses looking to get their brand noticed.  If you have not jumped on the Instagram train yet, you will definitely want to do so, as we can expect it to be a highly effective tool in your 2019 marketing plans. All the latest updates to this bustling social platform are only going to make this marketing tool even more robust. Check out these 2019 Instagram Marketing Trends you will definitely want to take advantage of.

2019 Instagram Marketing Trends To Grow Your Business

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2019 Instagram Marketing Trends

Using Stickers to Increase Engagement

Instagram has a rather nifty feature available for your stories, a wide selection of stickers. Several of the stickers you can use to make your posts more interactive include: slider, question, music, and polls. There will also be an increase in the use of branded stickers.

In 2019, more people will be turning to these stickers to gain valuable feedback from their audience, and to increase engagement between followers and their brand.

Instagram Stories

Largely due to the fun stickers Instagram introduced, more people will be using their Instagram stories to keep their audience engaged and educated on their latest products and services. You will also see an increase in branded Instagram story posts.

Use of IGTV

Whereas in the past, Instagram users were limited to 15 second videos in stories, and 60 second videos on their feed, IGTV allows you to post videos up to 10 minutes (60 minutes for verified accounts).

This now allows you to share tutorials, product reviews, etc. without being so brief. Since videos are generally more engaging and shared more often, this provides a wonderful opportunity to expand your reach. IGTV is great for brand visibility.

User-generated content

Influencer marketing will continue to trend in 2019 as businesses realize the value of user-generated content. There is peace of mind in seeing a fellow consumer using a product or service.

Word-of-mouth marketing is king, so you will want to encourage your customers to share your products and services on social media. This method will greatly help you expand your reach.


Piggy-backing off of the previous note on user-generated content, people want to see brands from a non-salesy point of view. Companies are now realizing this, and taking their marketing plan up a notch with live videos, behind-the-scenes clips, and little to no editing in their images and videos.

Instagram bot comments are outdated, and company responses on social media are becoming more “human.” Responding to comments under posts, DMs, and during live videos builds a sense of trust between you and your audience. We will be seeing a whole lot more of this in 2019.

Product tagging/Shoppable Posts

Businesses will really take advantage of shoppable posts in 2019 after the great success this tool has had. Business owners utilizing shoppable posts can expect more tools to emerge in 2019 to help keep track of conversion rates.

Working with “Nano-influencers”

In 2019, more brands are choosing to work with smaller influencers who have as few as 1000 followers. This all goes back to that authenticity mentioned earlier. Those accounts with a lower number of followers may also have higher engagement which can be quite beneficial. Not only will this method help you cut back on costs, it can also help you reach new audiences and increase brand awareness.

Instagram Direct

Instagram direct has received several updates that make it a really great tool to engage with customers and prospects. Voice messages were introduced so that you can record a message and send it immediately. There are also features such as video chat and gifs that will make Instagram Direct even more fun to use.

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