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As a company that functions in a 100% remote work environment, Tanzek Media LLC knows a thing or two about making remote work actually work. Whether your company has been planning a transition to remote work for some time or it was unexpectedly forced upon you, here are 8 Tips to Create an Effective Remote Work Environment.

tips to create an effective remote work environment

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Maintain Regular Working Hours

Although you are now working from home, it is still very important that everyone has a set schedule. For example, if your normal schedule is 8 am-5 pm with a 60-minute lunch break, try to keep it that way. Sticking to a schedule and updating your coworkers when you are stepping away from the office will help management determine availability for certain tasks to be completed. It will also help you stay in the flow.

Make Sure You Have all the Necessary Supplies

Of course, you may have already thought about internet, a computer, and a phone. However, you will also want to make sure you have a dedicated workspace and the tools necessary to communicate with the team as well as your clients via chat, video calls, online customer service software, etc. Are there files, training manuals, or other documents you need access to? Do you need to take advanced security measures to protect certain information being transmitted over the internet? Make sure you consider all these things.

Communicate with Your Team

Always make sure that your team has a way to contact you both on and off the clock. Schedule virtual meetings on a regular basis to go over any updates and to just check in with one another. Platforms such as Slack and Zoom make it easy to chat and host virtual meetings with the team. Communication is sooooo very important when you are working remotely. Poor communication will ultimately destroy your business. 

Dress for Success

I know you have probably heard the phrase, “Dress for success.” Studies have shown that the way you dress has an effect on your mood and productivity throughout the day. While it may be tempting to just hop on the clock in your PJs, it is best to dress as if you were actually leaving the house and going to work in the office. (Although, PJ Fridays isn’t a bad idea)

Share Tips for Success

Keep the environment positive. When you find something that has been working well for you in your new remote office, share it with the team. They may be able to benefit as well. We are all in this together. Even if it’s a tip as simple as sitting in a certain type of lighting to show up better on camera, share it! A small tip can go a long way.

Share Feedback

Share and accept feedback so that the necessary improvements can be made as you all navigate this whole remote work thing. Great changes can be made just by sharing your thoughts on the process and allowing others to do the same.

Have some fun!

Although you have eliminated the face-to-face interaction, you should still find ways to stay engaged. Have a little fun! Maybe do a Spirit Week (Crazy Hair Day, 80s Costume Day, etc) where everyone shares images of themselves participating in that day’s fun. Host a virtual trivia party in place of your typical meeting one week. Send out e-gift cards to employees who hit certain metrics. Just have some fun! This is a great way to keep morale high as you navigate all the changes.

Be Flexible and Be Optimistic

Operating in a remote work environment can come with quite a learning curve. It is okay to reach out for help when you need it. Understand that you may not get it perfect on the first try, but with trial and error can find much success. You will have to modify some of your business processes, but that is okay. You may find that you are leaning on your digital marketing strategies more than ever, and that is okay. 

These are great times we live in where remote work is not only a possibility but a reality for many! There is so much to learn when transitioning into a remote work environment, but there are resources out there to help you get through. 

If you need assistance with creating content to complement your digital marketing efforts, contact Tanzek Media LLC today! We are available (from our remote-offices) to assist you with a variety of copywriting needs from blog posts to email blasts and more! 

Best of wishes on your remote work journey.



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