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Building a website can be costly. You’ll almost certainly need to invest in web hosting and a few other tools. Furthermore, not all platforms include a drag-and-drop editor, which can be a deal breaker for many beginners. As a result, for some projects, a free website builder might be worth considering.

Working with a website builder is simply because they provide a what-you-see-is-what-you-get editing interface – that is, what you see is what you get. If your website is live and viewed in a browser, you will simultaneously see what you are editing. 

This article will provide an overview of our top free website builders


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Here are the following Best Free Website Builders in 2022:



Wix (opens in new tab) is a well-known free website builder that offers a free plan, allowing you to use this service without breaking the bank. You also get one of the most impressive website editors in the industry.

This editor can be run in ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) mode, which has a primary interface to keep things as simple and user-friendly as possible. This is ideal for beginners because you can build a primary site without breaking a sweat (a range of attractive templates is provided, as well).



GoDaddy is perfect for everyone looking to create a clean, primary website quickly. It is very user-friendly due to its ADI functionality, which builds your website based on a few answers. GoDaddy has made some impressive changes to its design process since the last time we tested the builder, with new and improved templates and customization tools.

When we built our GoDaddy demo website, it was clear that the builder was friendly and easy to use. GoDaddy got to work on creating a sleek site with customization tools at the bottom to add a personal touch by simply answering up to three questions. You can experiment with different themes, fonts, color schemes, and CTA buttons.



Drag and drop website builder software is a must-have for beginners. Luckily, Hubspot is another platform that offers a drag-and-drop website builder for easy customization.

Hubspot is also a popular choice as a website builder for small business as you can simply take advantage of pre-built website themes and quickly have a professional website up and running very quickly. You can also use it alongside Hubspot’s other best sales tools. 



Weebly is yet another free website builder that is fully hosted. It, like Wix, provides a selection of professional designs you can customize using a responsive editor.

Weebly’s customizer allows you to drag and drop various content elements into your editing screen. You can edit your text in real-time, just like a word processor.

Although the customization options are not as advanced as in Wix, you can still create various modern effects. You can use a video background, dynamic header, or full-width sections for a more modern look. If you require e-commerce functionality, Weebly offers some reasonable options. Its online shopping features are powered by Square, giving you access to cutting-edge online retail tools.



The Jimdo team is passionate about assisting you in creating a free website builder, and everything is kept simple so you can start immediately. We’d recommend Jimdo if you need a quick and easy website to serve as a backdrop for an online Facebook store or something similar. With Jimdo, you can sell up to five products for free, and upgrading your plan to scale up your store later is simple (and relatively inexpensive).

Jimdo values simplicity, which becomes apparent as you build. Question mark tooltips are scattered throughout the editor to assist you, and uploading images, changing text, and replacing backgrounds are simple.



SITE123 is ideal for beginners looking to build a simple website. It’s straightforward to set up, but if you want to be creative and push the limits of your site’s design, SITE123 isn’t for you. It’s minimal, and the free domain is a jumble of letters and numbers, which is a disadvantage.

The most noticeable aspect of SITE123 is how much it tries to assist you while you build. It feels like someone is holding your hand from start to finish, from creating your primary site to providing font pairings and complementary color suggestions.



Strikingly is a one-page solution for showcasing your portfolio or small business. It’s an excellent choice for users who find most free website-building tools too complicated.

After you sign up, you can choose from dozens of beautiful themes that you can customize using an easy-to-use visual editor. This free website builder will also suggest various calls to action (CTAs), a valuable tool for users with little design experience. You also get access to a live support chat.




Webflow is another contender for stealing market share from more extensive, well-known New Orleans web design building tools. Users have praised Webflow’s ease of use, and because everything is linked to CSS-style classes, the designs remain relatively clean compared to other drag-and-drop / WYSIWYG editors. Some users love the Visual CMS design functionality, which allows them to create custom-tailored CMSes. CSS Grid and Flexbox layouts are also helpful in designing and aligning elements.

Reviewers have complained that the client editor is difficult to use and makes it challenging to edit certain aspects, such as background images.




Ucraft is ideal for website owners who want to prioritize user experience. From large visuals to flashy fonts, the image-driven platform allows you to boldly showcase your products or services. Ucraft is user-friendly, with simple customization tools and templates on the left-hand side. The emphasis on aesthetics makes this builder a pleasure to use. A great option if you want to go for a colorful, urban look!

Ucraft’s onboarding process is relatively simple. When you sign up, you’ll be asked to select a template from a list of options and enter your subdomain name; Ucraft will then get to work building your site.

We used Ucraft, like the other free website builders mentioned, to create a demo website for our fictitious business, Lucy’s Cupcakes. Its drag-and-drop editor can sometimes be a little clumsy, and the overall design experience isn’t always user-friendly, but Ucraft’s tools are simple enough to grasp. Also, because the platform is so image-driven, it may be challenging to get all relevant, ‘wordy’ information onto your site.





With so many website builders (both free and paid) available, how do you know which is best for you?


The essential thing to remember is that the decision is entirely up to you. What features do you want in a free website builder? In terms of service offerings, what are your non-negotiables? What kind of website do you want to build, and can you do it with a free website builder service?


We recommend you write down your wants and needs, emphasizing the top features you require from a website builder. You’ll be able to match those features to the best website builders on the market from there.



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