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Blogging seems to be quite the trend right now, and yet it often gets left out of businesses’ marketing plans. If you haven’t yet created a blog to help promote your business online, you are leaving a massive opportunity on the table. Not sure Why Your Company Should Start a Blog Right Now? Continue reading to find out.


Increase website traffic

When people stumble across your blog post and click to read, they will obviously end up on your website. this opens up the door for them to click on other pages of your site which could lead to them learning more about your company. Through a blog, you can reach an audience that may not have otherwise come across your company’s website.


Establish yourself as an expert

We are a generation of researchers, and many of us turn to the internet to point us in the right direction. When your company’s blog posts pop up in a search, you look like a reliable source of information. When you create well-developed educational content, you establish yourself as an expert that people can trust. This will make consumers more comfortable with doing business with you.


Generate more leads

Encourage them to join your email list with exclusive discounts, freebies, and other perks. This is an easy way to generate more leads.


Build a relationship with customers

Your blog may be the first impression you get to make on a customer. Use your blog as place to offer valuable content that keeps them coming back for more. You want to build that sense of trust from the very beginning.


Cost-effective marketing

You can start a self-hosted blog for as little as $50, and the return can be soooo much greater if used correctly. This makes blogging a super cost-effective marketing tool.


Boost your SEO

Your blog helps your website to show up as a relevant answer to questions your customers have. This will help your website to start ranking in search engines, thus there will be an increase in traffic, and (hopefully) an increase in leads.


Opportunity for continuous learning

Preparing content for your blog can require quite a bit of research, but this is a wonderful opportunity for you. You can stay on top of things in your industry and further the growth of your own business with this knowledge. This opportunity for continuous learning is definitely a win for you.


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