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If you’re like many others who believe that “SEO is dead,” you’ve got it all wrong. You probably just need a new strategy. One way to use SEO to your advantage is through targeted landing pages. This tactic is actually critical to the success of your marketing and PPC campaigns as it increases conversions. Don’t believe me? Well, let me explain to you exactly how targeted landing pages can help you quickly boost sales.

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What is a Targeted Landing Page?

First things first, let’s discuss what a targeted landing page is. A targeted landing page is a web page that contains key information geared towards a specific buyer persona. The goal of this landing page is to get the visitor to take some sort of action. When properly optimized, your landing page will make it easy for your target audience to take that desired action. Simply put: The sole purpose of the landing page is to CONVERT.

targeted landing page

How to Boost Sales With a Targeted Landing Page


An effective landing page will (at the bare minimum) include the following:

  • Powerful headline
  • Targeted keywords
  • Unique value proposition
  • A clear explanation of what you’re offering
  • Persuasive copy geared towards a specific customer persona
  • Clear call to action
  • High-quality and relevant imagery
  • Contact information

Including all of these elements on your landing page not only increases the chances of your landing page being discovered but it also GREATLY increases the likelihood of the visitor converting into a paying customer. Targeted landing pages are especially helpful for locally-focused businesses targeting a specific region.




targeted landing pages


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