I was recently featured in an article on Best Company along with several other content marketing experts sharing their best SEO tips to get your website to finally rank in Google. If you have not checked out the tips yet, make sure to do so. 

SEO Hacks: Use These Hacks To Improve Your Google Search Rank

  “The use of power words in title tags is often overlooked when it comes to SEO. Power words are action-packed terms or phrases such as amazing, fast, step-by-step, proven, crazy, exclusive, shocking, etc. The use of these words in your title tag will greatly increase your click-through-rate as people are seeking the quickest and […]

2019 Instagram Marketing Trends You Will Definitely Want To Take Advantage Of

With 1 billion users as of summer 2018, Instagram is proving to be quite a hotspot for businesses looking to get their brand noticed.  If you have not jumped on the Instagram train yet, you will definitely want to do so, as we can expect it to be a highly effective tool in your 2019 […]